Treat Nail Fungus Naturally

Nail-Rx Nail Fungus Herbal RemedyNail-Rx is is from Native Remedies. Native Remedies have been producing natural, herbal and homeopathic solutions for many years and are a trusted supplier within many industries, not just the antifungal.

Native Remedies' nail fungus treatment provides sufferers with the best of both worlds - a natural home remedy available to purchase commercially. All Native Remedies products are registered with the FDA and are accredited suppliers of healthcare products.

So the credentials of the producers are in tact - does the product actually work.

How Does Nail-Rx Work

Nail-Rx is a 100% natural compound that is safe and free from side effects. A combination of essential oils and antifungal agents is highly effective for destroying fungus and pregventing future possible attacks naturally.

Is Nail Rx Better Than Lamisil

Unlike many pharmaceutically produced nail fungus medication Nail-Rx is not taken orally, so this will not interfere with other medication that may be taken. very similar to the way Penlac Nail Lacquer is applied.

What Are The Ingredients Of Nail-Rx

Melaleuca Laterifolia - better known as tea tree oil. This provides the anti bacterial and antifungal process. Tea tree oil is not as effective totally on its own and so the introduction of Lavender and Lemon Grass provide the natural balance.

Syzygium Aromaticum (Clove oil) is a natural antifungal and antibiotic and so gives the preventative properties to the solution.

How Long Does Is Take To Work

The infection will start to clear in three weeks if regular treatment is applied - the fungal infection will still be present and still clearly visiable at this stage. Over the next few weeks the healthy nail will start to grow back. You should be free of the visible signs of fungus inside of two months.

After the fungal infection appears to have gone it is highly recommended to use preventative measures to stop further reoccurances of the infection. A simple change of diet can help tremendously as does taking care of your feet and hands and try not to expose them to damp warm conditions if possible.

Nail-Rx Side Effects

No side effects have been documented - a natural herbal solution.

Is Nail-Rx Effective to Cure Nail Fungus

If taken as suggested and consistantly for two months there is no better natural treatment. Highly effective and guatanteed from a reputable company.

Nail-Rx Conclusion

For suffers with mild to moderate and becoming severe cases of nail fungus both toenail and fingernails it is highly recommnded to use Nail-Rx.

Where To Buy Nail-Rx

Nail Rx costs $37.95 for one months treatment and can be purchased direct from the manufacturer.

Buy Nail-Rx Direct Here