Nail Fungus Medication

Nail Fungus Treatments Over The Counter

There are dozens of nail fungus treatments available to freely buy without restriction of a prescription but availability does not necesarily mean that they will be effective.

A home remedy nail fungus treatment seems to be the most popular method of eradication but the long timescale involved and impracticality of home treatment pushes a majority of sufferers from nail fungus into the commercial world or prescription only.

The very nature of the disorder and the stigma that comes associated with the thought of having a fungus growing on a part of the body makes seeking treating for the infection discreetly quite a difficult one. The estimated figures of around 60 million sufferers worldwide may be a very conservative one considering that a great many suffers do not actively seek treatment.

Commercial Nail Fungus Treatments

We have reviewed the most popular brands of nail fungus medication available to buy and given our opinion as to how the treatments compare to its rivals.

Marketing material does not pertain to an effective product.

Most fungal infection medication available to buy is done so via the web and cannot be purchased from the high street. With this in mind we have detailed the security, privacy and descretion of the commercial brand. Some sufferers from toenail fungus keep the dissorder very private and so need a solution that will cause minimum attention.

So the phrase "over the counter" or "otc" can be effectivley mean simply "to buy"

ZetaClear - a topical solution that approval from FDA and can stop the spread of the fungal infection. ZetaClear is one of the fastest working anti fungal solution and is free side effects. More about ZetaClear

Nail-RX - a gentle topical solution ideally used for the mildly effected toenails or fingernails. On of the cheapest commercial treatments available. More about Nail-RX

Barielle - Barielle produce a range of health and beauty products, the anti fungal product is not the fastest working but one of the safest. More about Barrielle

Leucatin - the company behind the production of Leuctin do not follow ethical business practises and so should be over looked. More about Leucatin

Zeta Clear Nail Fungus Soltion 
Nail RX Natural Nail Fungus Remedy
Barielle Nail Fungus Treatment
Leucatin For Nail Fungus