What Does Nail Fungus Look Like

Have I Got Nail Fungus

fungus of the toenailsIf you see that your nails are gradually becoming thick and losing their natural luster, there is a chance that they are affected by nail fungus.

Dermatophytes or live fungus cause this type of infection. As the fungi spread, they affect your nail and skin of the nail bed.

Due to its contagious nature it infects not only other nails but also there is a high chance that you spread this nail fungus infection among your family members as well as other people.

Following are the most common reasons behind nail infections caused by Dermatophytes:

• If you have damaged or stubbed your nail,
• Due to close trimming you have cracked a fingernail,
• Your bare feet skin has come into contact with a place that has been infected by the fungus. It happens most frequently in public bathing places, showers, locker rooms, or poolside. 
• If you share your shoes with someone having this infection,
• You have shared nail trimming instrument of somebody else who is having this infection

What does nail fungus look like:

• Infected nails will look brownish, yellowish, with little white patches. These white patches are distinct and not like the ones that are caused due to calcium deficiency.
• As infection spreads, the nails turn deep brown or black.
• Infected nails become flaky, brittle, and chipped.
• Nails are separated from nail beds and moist substance or dirt gathers under in that gap.
• Infected nails emit foul smell.
• Toenails sometimes become thick and cause pain when you wear socks or shoes.

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